Hádanka - Guess

Prohlédněte si obrázky a do tabulky vyplňte slovem, co představují,  a následně odpovídající číslo obrázku.


What is it ?


 Number of picture  

1  a living creature that can move and feel    
2  the coloured part of a plant or tree from which seeds or fruit grow     

3  the clear liquid that  falls as rain and is in rivers, seas and lakes

4  the mixture of gases that people, animals and plants breathe     

5  air that is moving across the surface of the earth

6  all the men, women and children     
7  an animal or bird that you keep in your home for pleasure rather than for food or work 


8  all the plants, animals etc. in the universe and all the things that happen in it that are not made or caused by people  
9  the salt water that covers large parts of the surface of the earth      
10  the star that shines in the sky during the day and that gives the earth heat and light